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Friday, March 20, 2020
Mallorca, Spain, Audio Studio 3

An idea came up.

The corona virus caused many companies to close. It was also no longer possible to make recordings in recording studios. There was a safety distance.

But then a recording studio on the island of Mallorca had an idea. Composer and producer Steven R., owner of the audiofactory and studio 3, based in Mallorca, Spainoffered the record company Universal Uniques® the idea that artists should sing a common song. Each Artists at home. And out of it a complete charity song would be created.
Saturday, March 21, 2020
Mallywood Films & Music Ltd., London, United Kingdom

Videoconference of the decision makers

A video conference is used to discuss the implementation of the idea and at around 4 pm it is decided to do this mammoth task. The composer will be informed of the decision. He is already working on the song.

Sunday, March 22, 2020
Universal Uniques®, London, United Kingdom

Letter to the artists, feedback, adventure

Through the record company's A&R management, artists who have applied to Universal Uniques® on different platforms are contacted. Artists were selected who already convinced with their singing. But do these artists also have the professional equipment to record vocals at home?

Over 100 artists were contacted. But only 12 of them could record at home in high quality. From the 12 artists then only 6 artists were left, but they were among the best singers.

Monday, March 23, 2020 - Monday, March 30, 2020
Studio 3 Mallorca, Strict curfew in Spain

Is this idea feasible? Over thousands of miles?

There is a strict curfew in Spain. But the recording studio is located on the composer's large production site. He can work and realize this unique project.

"I believe in these great artists. All I've got are votes. I didn't know their faces. It was exciting. But I could paint a face in my head with each voice. It was fantastic. And it wasn't just an adventure. It was a vision." [Steven R.]

In one week the artists sent in vocal recordings. These were then processed into new demos and sent to the artists. So there were more and more voices and slowly it became a song.

Composer and producer Steven R. had to do everything on his own. "There was no possibility to work as a team. Nobody could visit the finca with the recording studio."

Contacts were only possible via email and phone, because the A&R management of the record company was also at home.
Tuesday, March 31, 2020
Studio 3 / Universal Uniques® / Mallywood Team

UNITED CONTINENTAL ARTISTS® [UCA] comes out of an idea. A scorcher.

After realizing how great this idea had been realized, the record company MALLYWOOD MUSIC® decided to make this project to a everlasting project.


This was also registered as the official label brand of Mallywood Films & Music Ltd. and is therefore protected.

What this project is supposed to create the coming months will show. First of all this project is important. And it is going really well.
Thursday, April 2, 2020
Mallywood Films & Music Ltd. / Universal Uniques®

The song is going to be released!

All recordings are done. All artists have sent in their vocal parts. Now comes 48 hours of hard work to turn everything into a usable mix. Of course the composer's many years of band and choir experience will help here.  

On April 02, 2020 the time has come. After the cover layout and metadata are ready, everything goes to the distribution.

Now the excitement for this mammoth project has fallen a bit. But the excitement remains whether the song will be well received by the people. As a charity song it is important that people buy the song so that people in the Corona crisis can be supported.
Friday, April 3, 2020
Mallywood Films & Music Ltd. / Universal Uniques®

The date of publication is fixed.

The distribution has confirmed the release date. It is April 10, 2020.

Steven: "What a great thing. In not even 10 days a song was produced all over the world and recorded in places like USA, Singapore, Scotland, Russia.

Who the hell would have believed it? Who? I believed in it because I wanted to believe in it. Yeah, I did.

Something you can only do if you really want to. And I have to say that all these artists who have participated are something very special. I have great respect for their performance. Each of them deserves a great career.

I'm also available. I have lots of new ideas. Also I can write songs in all music genre. And if artists are so ambitious, then that should be encouraged. I'm currently working with an artist from Costa Rica. He's 18 years old and he's a good boy. But it will take time. But he'll get the success. I'm sure, because we're both working hard on his career. And, yes it is, I have shown what a person is capable of when you have visions. Nevertheless, it remains the same: without these unique artists this song would never have been written. I thank the Artists wholeheartedly. You six are already stars to me."


Title: Sound of Life

Performer: UNITED CONTINENTAL ARTISTS® with Francesca Quici, Frank Garvin Yeung, Jodie Louise, Maria Lidze, Julia Nem, Rachel Kline [in alphabetic order]

Record Company & Music Pulishing House: Mallywood Films & Music Ltd.
℗ 2020 Mallywood Publishing House, London, United Kingdom.

Music Brand: UNIVERSAL UNIQUES® LC-92041

EP - Barcode: 4260152413431
ISRC: UK-WGU-20-11111 Radio Mix
ISRC: UK-WGU-20-11112 Extended Mix
ISRC: UK-WGU-20-11113 Instrumental Mix

Composing & Lyrics: Steven Richmann [GEMA]
Copyright Protection: T-804.352.407.9

©2020 All rights reserved by the owner of the work.

Companies and persons involved in the project:

©2022 UNIVERSAL UNIQUES® - Mallywood Films & Music Ltd. All rights reserved.

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